Official Kratos Website

  • Monica Barta

    Monica Barta vocals & bass

  • Daniel Dron

    Daniel Dron guitars, vocals & orchestral

  • Iustin Petrescu

    Iustin Petrescu guitars

  • Catalin Petrescu

    Cătălin Petrescu drums


History: Created in the fall of 1996 by Daniel Dron, Kratos started to gain immediate attention in the Romanian metal arena through its melodic gothic style. After the release of their first EP called “The Essence” in late 1997, Kratos quickly started to win awards and attract media exposure at several metal festivals throughout the country. The permanent embedding of Kratos in the Romanian Metal area came with the release in 1999 of their initial album titled “Looking Behind the Mirror...” and the awards that followed this resounding success.

Following the release of their first album, Kratos started a set of tours to promote their music style. Some notable events are the Tiamat opening act in 2005, 2008 Summer Nights Open Air Festival in Austria as well as concerts with Rotting Christ, Umbra et Imago and Suicidal Angels to name a few. In between events, Kratos released three singles: 2002 – Reverse Effect, 2010 – Beyond Knowing and 2013 – It’s Empty.

In 2016: Kratos signs with Finnish label Inverse Records and returns with a more incisive style but more symphonic, bombastic but theatrical voices that can be heard officially on the new album "Arlechino" (CD-Digipak).

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